Public offer agreement

This agreement is an official public agreement between the online store, hereinafter "Online Store", and the user of online store services, hereinafter "Buyer / Customer", and defines the basic conditions of ordering, purchasing and delivery of goods.

The Customer accepts (accepts) the terms of this offer (offer) at the time of ordering by clicking on the "Confirm Order" button on the Online Store Website, which means confirmation of the Buyer's acquaintance with the text of this Agreement and agreement with its terms.


1.1. This agreement is a public offer agreement (in accordance with Articles 633, 641 and Chapter 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine), its terms are the same for all buyers regardless of status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur).

1.2. The Offer is considered accepted by the Buyer, and the Power of Attorney Agreement is concluded from the moment the Buyer places an Order on the Site and confirms acceptance of the terms of this Offer.

Terms and definitions

2.1. Site – a set of information materials posted on the Internet at, which contains all the features of the public offer for the sale of goods and services for the selection, purchase and delivery of products selected by the Buyer on the site.

2.2. Contractor / Online Store – a business entity that operates a site hosted on the Internet at

2.3. Buyer / Customer – a natural person with the necessary capacity in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, who receives information from the online store, who places orders and buys goods or gives instructions to purchase products presented on the website of the online store for purposes other than related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activity, or a legal / natural person-entrepreneur.

2.4. Goods – a list of consumer goods published on the website of the online store.

2.5. Order – a properly executed and placed application of the Buyer, addressed to the Online Store, for the purchase and delivery on his behalf and on his behalf of the Goods.

2.6. Power of attorney agreement – an agreement concluded on the basis of the current Civil Code of Ukraine between the Buyer and the Online Store, on the basis of which the Online Store on behalf of, at the expense and on behalf of the Buyer selects, purchases and delivers selected undertakes to accept and pay for the services provided by the Online Store, as well as to reimburse the costs of the Online Store for the execution of the Buyer's order.

2.7. Personal account – the space on the Site, which is accessible to the Buyer, which reflects his personal information and the history of his orders.


3.1. This agreement determines the order of interaction and conditions of the Internet store services to the Buyer, based on his desire, desire and ability to use the services of selling goods on behalf, on behalf and at the expense of the Buyer, and their delivery, as well as the desire to provide the Buyer the information he needs, sell the Goods and make the delivery on behalf of the Buyer.

3.2. The online store provides the Buyer with the services of purchase and delivery of the goods reserved for the latter on behalf of, on behalf of and at the expense of the Buyer.

3.3. The online store does not sell alcoholic products, but on the basis of the Power of Attorney concluded with the Buyer, provides services for its search, purchase on behalf and at the expense of the Buyer and delivery to the address specified by the Buyer or self-pickup by the Buyer.

3.4. The Buyer agrees with the terms of this agreement at the time of placing the Order by clicking on the "Place Order" button, which expresses the confirmation of the Buyer's acquaintance with the text of this agreement and agreement with its terms. Further, the Customer's objection to providing its consent in this way releases the Online Store from any liability for non-compliance with the terms of this agreement and reserves the right of the Online Store to cancel the Order unilaterally.

3.5. The Online Store has the right to engage third parties to perform the duties assigned to it under the Power of Attorney without prior notice to the Buyer.

Rules of work with the Site

4.1. The buyer can view the content of the Site, place an order, as well as use other services.

4.2. Registration is required for the Buyer's access to personalized information and to provide additional opportunities to work with the Site.

4.3. To register, the Buyer must fill out a registration form. By completing the registration form, the Buyer agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information. If the Buyer provides incorrect information or the Online Store has reason to believe that the information provided by the Buyer is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, the Online Store has the right to suspend or cancel the registration of the Buyer and refuse the Buyer to provide its services.

4.4. After registration on the Site, the Buyer is given access to the Personal Account and he can complete or edit it if he deems it necessary. The Buyer is also responsible for all actions under his login and password on the Site. In case of loss of registration data, the Buyer undertakes to notify the online store.

4.5. It is forbidden to use the Site of the Store in illegal or prohibited activities. Buyers of the online store agree to comply with the laws of Ukraine and the rules of conduct adopted on the Internet.

4.6. This Site is intended for users over 18 years of age.

Ordering procedure

5.1. The Buyer places an Order on the Site independently, by adding the selected Goods to the virtual basket and clicking the "Place Order" button. After reviewing the terms of this agreement, the Buyer may also place an Order by phone.

5.2. The Online Store has the right to refuse the Buyer to fulfill the Order in full or in part, or to offer the Customer a replacement for a similar Product if the Product or its part is not available or for other reasons that prevent its implementation.

5.3. Goods are paid by the Buyer upon delivery of the Order (in case of cash payment) or on prepayment terms (in case of non-cash or card payment).

5.4. All Buyers can place an Order for Goods, regardless of registration.

Payment procedure

6.1. The Buyer pays for the Goods and / or services of the Online Store for selection, purchase and delivery sold in the Online Store, specified in the Buyer's order posted on the website, and undertakes to reimburse the actual costs of the Online Store for the Buyer's order in accordance with this Agreement. and the power of attorney.

6.2. The total cost of the Order, which includes the full cost of Goods, services of the Online Store and reimbursement of actual costs incurred by the Buyer, is equal to the amount payable and indicated on the Site when placing and placing the Order.

6.3. Payment is made after the Buyer has read and checked the range of ordered and delivered Goods at the specified place of delivery. If the Buyer has accepted and paid for the goods without inspection, such goods are considered accepted in full without claims to the online store.

Terms of return

7.1. According to the Resolution "On approval of the Rules of retail trade in alcoholic beverages", alcoholic beverages of proper quality, exchange and return are not subject.

7.2. According to the Resolution "On approval of the Rules of retail trade in alcoholic beverages", alcoholic beverages of proper quality, exchange and return are not subject.

The order and conditions of delivery of Orders

8.1. Delivery is carried out by postal services specified in the section "PAYMENT AND DELIVERY" from Monday to Saturday, Sunday - closed.

8.2. Delivery in Kiev and the region (subject to confirmation of the possibility) is carried out from Monday to Saturday at a time agreed with the Buyer / Customer.

8.3. When handing over to the Buyer the Order, which includes Alcoholic Products, the representative of the Online Store has the right to ask the Buyer to present an identity card confirming compliance with the latest age limits set for Buyers by this agreement. In case of refusal to provide a certificate or if the Buyer is a minor, the representative of the online store has the right to refuse the Buyer to perform services for delivery of the Goods.

Confidentiality and protection of personal data

9.1. By providing his personal data on the Site when registering or placing an Order, the Buyer gives his voluntary consent to the processing and use (including transfer) of his personal data without limiting the validity of such consent in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" from 01.06.2010 p.

9.2. The processing of the Buyer's personal data is carried out for the purposes of fulfilling the contract, delivery of the Order, informing the Buyer, participation of the Buyer in the loyalty program, to promote the services provided by the online store.

9.3. The online store undertakes not to disclose information received from the Buyer. It is not considered a violation of the online store to provide information to agents and third parties acting under an agreement with the online store, including to fulfill obligations to the Buyer, as well as in cases where disclosure of such information is required by law.

9.4. If the Buyer does not want the online store to continue processing personal data, the Buyer must apply to the support service. In this case, the Buyer will not be able to continue to use the services of the online store.

Information messages

10.1. By registering on the Site or placing an Order without registration, the Buyer agrees to receive information messages from the Online Store and its partners operating under the agreement with the Online Store, via short message service (SMS) and e-mail.

10.2. At any time, the Buyer has the right to refuse to receive such a mailing by changing the appropriate settings in the Personal Account.

Rules for the use of materials posted on the Site

11.1. The site contains materials, trademarks, trade names and other legally protected materials, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, graphics, music and sound.

11.2. All content of the Site is protected by the legislation of Ukraine.

11.3. The buyer has no right to use the materials posted on the Site, such as: make changes, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in sales or concessions, create derivative works, etc.


12.1. This agreement is concluded on the territory of Ukraine and is subject to the substantive law of Ukraine.

12.2. The invalidity of any clause or part of this agreement does not lead to the invalidity of the agreement as a whole.

12.3. All disputes arising between the Buyer and the online store are resolved through negotiations. In case of failure to resolve the dispute, the Buyer or the Online Store may apply to the courts in accordance with applicable law.

12.4. The online store has the right to make changes to the text of this agreement at its discretion at any time and without prior notice to Buyers. The current (current) version of the agreement is always posted on the website.